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Discover the strategic blueprint to secure corporate consulting contracts, unlock executive coaching opportunities, captivate audiences through motivational speaking engagements, and establish lucrative revenue streams by tapping into corporations with billions budgeted for experts.

“Just in time for Christmas, I closed a deal for $75K. Woohoo! Now I’m walking into 2024 with $100K in revenue booked — I’ve heard of people having this before but now it’s a reality…”
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Corporate Consulting Mastermind

The Corporate Consulting Mastermind helps consultants, coaches, speakers, agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs learn how to book high-paying contracts and other corporate revenue streams.
The Mastermind is here to teach you everything you need to know about booking corporate consulting, help you learn from corporate executives, give you access to corporate resources, and provide lots and lots of support. We hold your hand from pitch to booked deal to the money hitting your bank account.
For those who join the accelerator tier, we create your corporate pitch templates, build your corporate leads list, and pitch 600 corporations a month for you.


600,000 corporate pitches sent out to date

You will also have access to successful pitches (entire threads) to corporations. We’ve sent out 600,000 corporate pitches on behalf of our members and have all the data. We can show you what works from data: not theories.


You’ll see how the corporate process works. There are documents and templates to help you pitch. There’s no higher level or upsell required to get exactly what you need to get results.


The Corporate Consulting Mastermind is a complete blueprint and training program that helps you book corporate revenue streams in corporations all over the world. We even pitch for you if you join the accelerator tier.


Real clients. Real deals. Real results.
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You get on a flight heading to some exotic country on your bucket list. You walk into the plane, and the flight attendant directs you to the First Class cabin.

You get to your seat and smile. It’s a pod-style lay-flat seat that will give you enough room to be comfortable for the more than eight-hour flight.

As the plane climbs, you smirk, taking in what’s about to happen. On the flight, you get some sleep, watch a few movies, enjoy the yummy meals in First Class, and do a little work. You pull out your laptop and run through the presentation you’ll give in a few days.

The first leg of the experience ends as you land in a country with every part of your body tingling in excitement. You get off the plane and head toward customs. As you walk up to the customs agent, you hear, “What is the purpose of your visit?”

At this point, your face hurts from smiling so much. 

You look the customs agent in the eye and tell them you’re there for a consulting gig at a corporation. You explain that the company booked you because of your knowledge and skills around a particular topic.

The customs agent stamps your passport and tells you how interesting what you do for a living is. They end with, “Welcome to our country!”

You step foot into a country that you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. That moment is even sweeter because the company that booked you paid for the First Class tickets, all your other travel expenses, and a consulting fee for the three-hour presentation you’ll be giving.


and that's not all...

If all this wasn’t enough, you get an email saying the COO wants to sit down with you after your training. They want to license your online courses at a rate of $2,000 per employee (per year) and inquire about hiring you to set up an automated training program at their company. You’ll make passive income after your gig.

You do the gig and ROCK it.

You lock in the passive income deals and have several days to enjoy that country with someone you love. You have so much fun that you can’t believe this is what you do for a living. But it is!

You get on that flight home and start smiling again. This was just your first consulting tour. There will be many more with all kinds of amazing new experiences.

This does NOT have to be a dream.

You might be reading this and think it sounds like a great dream for someone else. It’s NOT! This can be your life and how you make a living. I just described most of my consulting tours, and I’m not the only one. Consulting at corporations has been around as long as the business has.

Corporations have and always will book consultants. They spent over $485 billion last year booking experts like you. That is three times as much as is spent in the online business space.

So many amazing things are possible. I’ve traveled to 46 countries to consult some of the largest corporations in the world. I started like you are right now and built my dream business.

This kind of life IS possible for you. In fact, you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

And if you need help figuring out the exact steps to become a highly-paid global speaker and consultant, we can help. Don’t give up. This is YOUR year. This is your time. Life is TOO short. Make it count.

That’s why you should join the Corporate Consulting Mastermind.

We can help make this your reality.


meet your instructor

I understand there are a lot of false and misleading claims online – that’s not what you’ll get with the Corporate Consulting Mastermind. When I tell you it’s possible to be booked as a consultant, I mean it. I’m proof.

My name is Kimanzi Constable. I’m an author of four books and a writer whose articles have been published in 80+ publications and magazines.

You can see my articles in the HuffPost, Entrepreneur Magazine (online and the print edition), SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, CNET, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and others.

Some of the corporations I’ve consulted for include Unilever, Morgan Stanley, Allianz, Naspers, Safaricom, Orange, Vodaphone, Dentsu, Alpha Success Training LLC, Equitable Ventures, LLC, ManPower Group, Menards, Quad/Graphics, Shopko, George Western Bakeries, Cousins, Associated Bank, and ProHealth Care.

I’ve made money consulting corporations and have helped clients create corporate revenue streams.

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We work with the best to bring you success.




The rate to join is monthly, but you can quit at any time. There’s no long term commitment required to join.
Immediately after your purchase, you will continue to the onboarding and access to the Member portal. You’ll also get access to your private community.
In the Member portal, there is a library of 24 training videos and resources; it includes recordings of weekly live sessions, guest expert sessions, and skills training. You will also get access to corporate contracts, templates for creating offers for corporations, course licensing software, access to corporate deals, corporate pricing tables, the corporate revenue ladder, discovery call scripts, training templates, and more.
If you have questions about the Mastermind, feel free to email me at team@uboraadvisory.com. And be sure to check out our full FAQ here.
We don’t guarantee you’ll book a corporate consulting gigs or get meetings. As good as we are, we can’t make decision-makers think you’re a good fit for their corporation.


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